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Hallertau Blanc Pellets 2015

På lager

40,00 79,00

Tilbudet slutter 31.12.2018


Hallertau Blanc pellets 2015 

Alpha 7,5 %

Best før 30.06.18

Aroma og  Smak : Moderat til  sterk. Ananas, stikkelsbær , hvite druer, lemongrass , and passionsfrukt. 

Egnet til:  IPA, Belgisk øl, hveteøl og surøl


Hallertau Blanc is Huell’s new cultivated variety, newly approved in 2012 and known as “Flavour Hops” due to its characteristic aroma and taste. Hallertau Blanc makes a great impression with its pleasant hints of wine, its flowery fruits and an aroma ranging from subtly sweet to gooseberry. Hallertau Blanc is suitable for use in both top-fermented and bottom-fermented beer specialities. Its unique character is reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc and can be blended into the beer’s own distinctive aroma and flavour profile. Beers previously brewed with Hallertau Blanc have already made a great impression thanks to the quality of the bitterness and in particular their enhanced aroma profile. The distinctive wine character of these hops is best released by dosing it at the cold stage (dry hopping)


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