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Ølglass Nonic 57cl


Glass Nonic pr stk

1 Pint 57 cl


The nonik (or nonic, pronounced "no-nick") a variation on the conical design, where the glass bulges out a couple of inches from the top; this is partly for improved grip, partly to prevent the glasses from sticking together when stacked, and partly to give strength and stop the rim from becoming chipped or "nicked".[1] This design was invented by Hugo Pick, of Albert Pick & Co., who was awarded two US patents: design patent 44,616 (September 2, 1913) and patent 1,107,700 (August 18, 1914) – though the design patent was invalidated – and which was commercialized as Nonik (for "no-nick").[2][3] The design was preceded by many other bulged glass designs, dating to the mid-19th century, which differed in having a severe bulge and different purposes (a stop for a jar cover, or placement in a soda glass holder), rather than the shallow bulge of this design.[2] The original motivation for the glass was to reduce breakage when stacking (40% greater crushing strength and curved surface where rim touches), reduce breakage when tipped over (due to the bulge protecting the rim from impact), improve grip, and facilitate cleaning (due to shallow curves, compared to more severe curves). In the United Kingdom, this style was popularized after World War II, with Ravenhead glass introducing a Nonik glass in 1948.[4]


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