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Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates


Grainfather G30 Rolled Plates

Ny siltopp og bunn til Grainfather G30 uten behov for silikonpakning.


The must-have accessory for G30 users! Your customers can upgrade their G30 with Rolled Plates! We wanted to provide an accessory that brings the G30 more in line with the G40 and G70 which already include similar plates. These grain plates with rolled edges make the assembly and cleaning of the G30 a super sleek experience.

Please note - the G30 will continue to be sold with the original grain plates and silicone seals, and the new Rolled Plates will be sold as an upgrade accessory only.


  1. Attach pipework to the G30 Rolled Bottom Plate and gently lower into the inner basket.
  2. Continue brewing as per the G30 instructions.
  3. Place the G30 Rolled Top Plate on top of the mash.


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