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Lys Sjokolade malt

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Vikingmalt Lys Sjokolade

Pris pr 1kg

 EBC 350-450  


Chocolate Light Malt is produced by roasting from

pilsner malt. The amylolytic activity of Chocolate

Malt is zero. The amount of fermentable extract is

rather low.


"Chocolate" refers primarily to the malt's color, not

its flavor. This malt will lend various levels

of aroma, a deep red color, and a nutty / roasted

taste, depending on the amount used. Aromas

and tastes of coffee and chocolate can be found

and they are well balancing the overall taste.


Chocolate Malt is mainly included in for Porters

and Stouts, but it can also be used for any other

dark colored beers like Dark Ales due to its strong

coloring value. Chocolate Malt contributes roasted

flavors and aromas with hints of dark chocolate

and coffee in any beer. Already with rather low

dosage portions a remarkable increase in color

can be found together with changes in flavor and

aroma. Typical dosage rate of Chocolate Malt

is normally under 5-10%.




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Viking Malt produces malt in modern malt houses in Finland (Lahti), Lithuania (Panevezys) and Sweden (Halmstad). Viking Malt is owned by Finnish Polttimo and Lantmännen Group (owned by 42,000 Swedish Farmers). Viking Malt is a progressive grain processing company supplying 360,000 tons of malt and services annually to breweries and distilleries in Northern Europe and to selected users on the world market.

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