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Pale ale malt Vikingmalt sekk 25kg

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Pale Ale malt fra Vikingmalt 

Sekk 25 kg

EBC 4 – 6

Pale Ale Malt is made from 2-row spring barley. High degree of modification promotes easy processability. Malt flavour contributes specially to sweet and nutty notes. Ideal malt for ales and special lagers. The colouring power of Pale Ale Malt is not too strong, which makes it also suitable for subtle colour correction of regular lagers.

ale Ale malt fra Vikingmalt


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Viking Malt produces malt in modern malt houses in Finland (Lahti), Lithuania (Panevezys) and Sweden (Halmstad). Viking Malt is owned by Finnish Polttimo and Lantmännen Group (owned by 42,000 Swedish Farmers). Viking Malt is a progressive grain processing company supplying 360,000 tons of malt and services annually to breweries and distilleries in Northern Europe and to selected users on the world market.

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